*tries to study using my notes*



Do you want ice cream?


with sprinkles?


and hot fudge?


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Beast Boy~Teen Titans  -Finally done! ;a;

Prints Available!


bunny eating rasberries

it gave the bun lipstick

In September, I’ll be having my very first at table at a local anime convention! I’m full of mixed feelings about it and I want that day to be a success. I’ll be selling fanart and personal art. So if ANYONE can suggest what type of fanart you would like to see (or suggest what other people would like) at an anime convention. Vic Mignogna will be a guest so I know people would want some Fullmetal Alchemist and/or Ouran High fanart for him to sign or something. But I need some more ideas. What’s popular these days? Name it wheter it’s a popular anime or popular cartoon or popular movie. Do people still got a thing for Loki? lol Seriously anything!?

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